Indoor plant hire prices

Indoor plant hire prices

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At Simply Plants we provide and supply office plants, plant displays and indoor plant rental across the UK. Because of our experience we set the standard in office plant design and interior landscaping hire. We will whip your office into shape in no time. We have rental contracts all over the UK and central England. We found Simply Plants a pleasure to work with.

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Plant Hire

Why not enhance your special event by adding some mature trees, topiary or screening to the setting. We are finding the hiring of plants is becoming increasingly popular as they add so much more to a setting and give it that natural feel and are of course much better value than traditional cut flowers. We often find customers will purchase the plants before or after the hire and perhaps, will either give them away as reminders of the wedding or party or keep and plant them in their own garden.

If a hire fee has already been paid then this is deducted from the purchase price of the plant. All but the very largest trees at the nursery are available for hire, so you have a huge range of plants to choose from including multi-stem trees, large shrubs and the more formal topiary shapes.

Whilst we are pleased to advise, we recommend a personal visit to the nursery so you can see the full range of plants available and make your own selection. You are welcome to visit as far in advance as you wish in order to get some ideas and discuss your requirements, but we do not label and guarantee to hold plants for hire until two weeks before the event. We can arrange delivery and collection of the plants you choose and will give you a price based on the size of plants and distance, or you are welcome to collect and return plants with your own transport.

On arrival we are happy to position the plants where you want them Subject to the venue being ready and will gather up the plants when we collect.

We normally deliver a couple of days before the event and collect as soon as possible after the event. Please note that we mainly offer plant hire in East Anglia as the cost of transport make it unviable for long distance venues. Please ask for details when discussing your plant hire.

The hirer is responsible for the care of the plants whilst in his or her possession and must guarantee to pay for any loss or damage. A refundable deposit may be asked for and will be based on the total retail value of plants being hired. The most important point for the hirer to remember is that the plants will need to be watered during the hire period.

This is sometimes forgotten and subsequently may cause the plants to suffer and even die, in which case the hirer will be held responsible and charged for any damage or losses at the retail value. Another point to remember is that the plants are supplied in the plastic pots they are growing in at time of hire. Most hirers cover the pots in their own style, the most popular is with material wrapped around the pot and tied with ribbon or rope.

To confirm a plant hire you need to fill out and sign a Plant Hire agreement form, please ask for details. CALL:DATE: 14 DecDo you have problems with squirrels? We now stock world's first automatic humane squirrel trap.

We are always happy to help.

Tfrecipes - Make food with love

Healthy, green plants in the workplace can have an uplifting effect on staff and impress clients by providing a touch of class and elegance. A beautiful arrangement of desk and floor plants can make a huge difference to the look and feel of your office space, foyer or lobby. Indoor plants are great for removing the bad toxins in the office, therefore making a clean air environment. Wulguru Indoor Plant Hire is an indoor plant hire service in Townsville that offers a fantastic range, customised design and a complete maintenance service. We can create a unique look that blends with your existing decor which will instantly make your office warm and inviting. To arrange an initial consultation or for any further information regarding our services, please feel free to contact us in Townsville.

Cared for at your premises by our professional staff. Long term hire or function hire available. Servicing the MidCoast since Location. Prices Creek.

Indoor office and corporate plant hire solutions

Corporate Events. Longer term hire including full plant maintenance and rotation is available to keep your plants looking perfect. Our Rutland Street store is filled top to bottom with some of the best-quality indoor plants for sale in Geelong, all carefully hand-picked by our team! In the case of orchids remove the plant from the pot. Perfect for adding an oriental touch to your marquee. We have an extensive range of topiary trees and shrubs, planters and etc. These additions to a space can create a statement, add structure and soften spaces with hues of green. The Heavy Pot Movers are a simple, yet very effective way of moving and handling heavy, large and awkward to handle potted products of For best growth plant just one plant per container for a round pot or several plants can grow well in a long rectangular planter. Christmas Tree Hire; When thinking of ways to brighten up your desk space, we often reach for any old potted plant to just add some much-needed colour to our work area.


Life Indoors offers long-term rental options for indoor plants and pots. We provide a variety of healthy, mature and acclimatised indoor plants , giving you a cost-effective and hassle-free opportunity to enjoy the maximum benefits of beautiful surroundings. Plants are also very effective at absorbing noise pollution and can be used as an active form of crowd control, especially in large gatherings. Long-term plant rental is ideal for clients who want the benefit of indoor plants without having to take responsibility for pots and plant-care.

No-one loves indoor plants and flowers like the team at asdaisydoes in Newtown, Geelong! Our big, old shed is full to the brim with flowers, indoor plants , pots and homewares.

Welcome to Hire Plants

We are often asked by clients whether if the indoor plant hire cost is lower than if they purchase their own plants and take care of the plant maintenance themselves. Regardless of whether you hire or purchase office plants, thriving indoor office plants provide a welcoming environment for your clients, visitors and staff. Healthy plants also clean the indoor office air by absorbing harmful toxins and producing oxygen, promoting overall health benefits for your workplace. The cost for professional indoor plant hire will vary depending on the number of plants and the pots and plants selected. We take quantities and lighting into account during consultation.

Office plants

Request A Quote. Complete Indoor Plant Hire Solutions that take care of selection, placement, replacement and maintenance of all your indoor plants. With over 30 years of experience supplying stunning indoor plant hire solutions to Offices, Showrooms, Hotels, and Clubs, in the Sydney metropolitan area. Perfection Indoor Plant Hire can supply you with the latest style of designer planters, the highest quality of indoor plants, fully maintained by our service team. Look at some of the cost effect packages we have put together to help you get started.

Common questions and answers about Indoor Plant Hire. FAQs regarding: prices, planters, plants, styles, containers, services, nurseries, Accreditation and.

Sydney Indoor Plant Hire-Getting The Price List

Dress up your new plants with our range of planter toppings. Choose from coconut fibre, Perma-Mulch, stones or coloured glass. Read more. Create a positive place with endless possibilities.

Price guide

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Plant Service Cost. Contact Us. All our plant rental prices include regularly scheduled plant maintenance service. Typically a plant rental program includes one monthly price for the Plants, Containers, and Regularly Scheduled plant care service.

Plant hire experts ltd. Company number

Phone Donna or Brett on 0412 643 444

We are a local family owned and operated indoor plant hire business, and have been servicing the Great Lakes and Taree districts sinceOur customers include clubs, hotels, banks, retail shops, food outlets, medical centres and hospitals, showrooms and offices. To ensure that we meet the needs of all customers we grow a wide range of plants at our nursery in Bunyah and also source other plants from growers in NSW and Queensland. Our mission is to provide the highest quality plants and reliable, professional service with a smile to all our customers. We aim to continue to keep our prices affordable and assist in cleaning the air with the beauty of living indoor plants. We can give you a written obligation free quotation and interior plantscape design after consultation with you on your premises.

We are still able to create and deliver beautiful bouquets for every occasion. We will observe strict social distancing and hygiene matters. Please get in touch and we can provide bouquets to add cheer to anyone's day.

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